Division of Property


When the owner of a registered property has passed away, or after the dissolution of a marriage, cohabitation agreement, or any other community in which a registered property was co-owned, the common property needs to be divided.

In these cases, the registered property must often be allocated to, for example, one of the heirs, or, after a divorce or dissolution of a cohabitation agreement, to one of the partners. This must be done notarial by a deed of division.

In case of division of registered property from a deceased person, the investigation that has to be done by our office is very extensive. It is therefore not recommended to wait a long time to draw up a deed of division. Even after the dissolution of a marriage or a cohabitation agreement, it is important not to defer the division, as it can be possible that both parties remain liable for the mortgage loan on the property.

For more information on the division of registered property please contact us.


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