Prenuptial Agreements


Are you married? Or are you planning to get married? Then the BES-law automatically regulates that all the assets and debts are common, each for fifty percent. If this is not desirable, you may arrange a prenuptial agreement which identifies which debts and assets will remain separate.

A prenuptial agreement must always be drawn up before a civil-law notary and preferably before the marriage takes place. So keep this in mind with the time schedule before your wedding. However, it is possible to set up the prenuptial agreement during the marriage. The conditions for this can best be explained in a personal appointment between you and the notary.

In a prenuptial agreement, it can be arranged that none of either party’s assets will be in common.  It can also be arranged that no income can be concluded to be in common. In addition, there are various forms in which some possessions and debts can be shared, while others remain separated. As an example, a house can be shared together, but the savings accounts are not.

Certain considerations cannot be included in the prenuptial agreement. Since the prenuptial agreement covers possessions and debts, it is therefore about money and personal belongings. All other considerations, for example, children or alimony, cannot be included.

If you have any further questions about your specific wishes or about a prenuptial agreement, do not hesitate to contact us.


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