Buying and Selling Real Estate


Purchase agreements relating to real estate on Bonaire can be concluded both verbally and by writing a letter. Usually, a broker is involved, who supervises the purchase/sale and draws up the purchase agreement, but you can also buy or sell a house without the intervention of a broker. However, it is recommended to draw up a written purchase agreement, and we can assist you with this.

Based on the purchase agreement signed by the seller and buyer, we will investigate the real estate with the Land Registration Office as to whether the plot has been subjected to cadastral changes and whether the ascription is correct. If there is a right of mortgage, the notary will take care of its removal, so that the real estate is transferred free of mortgage and liens.

We also research whether special obligations are applicable on the immovable property. These can appear, for example, from the previous deed(s) of acquisition. If special obligations are mentioned, for example, easements or building provisions, we will carry them over to the new deed.

In short, we give title insurance and will control that both the buyer and the seller meet their obligations, so that the closing can take place on the agreed upon date, free of mortgages and/or liens.

If you have questions about buying property on Bonaire, please feel free to contact us.

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