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Our office’s archives contain the very first deed of Bonaire, dated 20 March 1852. Deeds from that time used parchment and were written in ornate handwriting. The notarial archive contains a wealth of information about Bonaire’s past. But it also tells a story about the future for Bonaire and its people. And that with confidence and certainty.
Mr Knuf became Notaris Bonaire’s first notary in 1979. Just before the turn of the century, his office was continued by Maarten Maartense, who in turn was succeeded by Aniek Schouten in 2012. At the end of 2022, she handed over the baton to the current notary: Robin Rispens.
Family Practice
Never face surprises when it comes to a marriage, inheritance or cohabitation contract. Directly to family practice.
real estate
The purchase and sale of registered property goes through the notary. In addition, the notary establishes the mortgage right. The issue of long leases also goes through the notary. Directly to real estate.
Corporate Practice
Are you about to set up a company, foundation or association? This is done through the so-called ‘Notarial Act’. Feel free to ask about the possibilities. Directly to Corporate practice.
Other services
All kinds of different agencies may ask for the legalisation of your signature. Feel free to drop by the office for more information. Directly to other services.
Properties whose debtor fails to pay interest and/or repayment are auctioned through the notary. Directly to auctions.

Real estate

Whether you are buying or selling a home, commercial property or vacant land, Bonaire Notaris is here to guide you every step of the way. From drafting and reviewing contracts to carrying out thorough title searches, we take care of the legal aspects involved in real estate transactions so that you can act with peace of mind and your interests are protected.

Legalizations & Proxies

Legalisation of your signature means that a notary public establishes that you indeed signed the document yourself and that your signature is on the declaration/proxy. This can prevent subsequent disputes about the authenticity of your signature

Corporate Practice

We assist in the incorporation and registration of various business entities, including corporations, associations and foundations. Our staff meticulously draft and review incorporation deeds, articles of association, operating agreements and other essential documents to ensure that they meet your specific business objectives and legal requirements.

Family Practice

Family law covers a wide range of sensitive and emotional issues, including marriage, divorce, custody, adoption and estate planning. At our notary office, we understand the importance of these matters and the impact they can have on your life and the lives of your loved ones.

Calculation tool

Calculate here the notary fees of your transfer

Are you about to buy a house? Calculate the notary fees for the transfer here with our smart calculator tool.


The timeless history of the notary office

As Bonaire’s oldest firm, the island’s rich history lies hidden in its notarized archives. A foundation upon which together we can continue to write Bonaire’s story with confidence and certainty.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I call you and ask for advice?
If you place your assignment with us, we will handle it correctly, promptly and competently. We will keep you informed of progress throughout the course of the case. If you have any questions and/or remarks, you can always contact us by telephone.
What does pass, pass appointment and pass location mean?
Passing is the formal moment when the notary declares the deed valid. He signs the deed together with the parties involved and then takes care of registration and safekeeping. Passing takes place during a passing appointment when everyone meets at the notary’s office. At that time, the notary provides some further explanation and, if necessary, answers questions from the parties. The notary’s office is in the place of employment for which the notary has been appointed. The notary can only execute deeds within his place of employment.
What is a power of attorney?
In a power of attorney, you can designate someone to make decisions on your behalf. This can be both personal and financial. You have a power of attorney made in case you are (temporarily) unable to make decisions yourself. Would you like more information? Read all about power of attorney.
Can I also make a contract with my partner without a notary?
Yes, you can. Only, agencies such as the Internal Revenue Service and pension insurers require that a notarized deed be drawn up in order to qualify as cohabitation.
What is a certificate of inheritance?
After the death of a loved one, there are often certain matters that need to be settled, the settling of the inheritance. This requires a certificate of inheritance. This declaration states who the heirs are and who can act. This declaration is requested by banks when the banking affairs of the deceased need to be arranged.
Who chooses the notary?
For a mortgage deed, you choose the notary. The bank will instruct the notary of your choice to prepare the deed. Often you need a mortgage deed at the time you buy a new home and there is also a purchase agreement and a deed of delivery. With an existing home, it is common for the costs to be borne by the buyer (cost buyer, kk). The buyer then also chooses the notary
Why should I choose a so-called Holding Company structure?
The Holding Company is your own personal limited liability company that holds shares in the limited liability company where the activities and work take place. This BV is also called a working BV or operating company. Typically, entrepreneurs have a personal holding company because having a personal holding company and a working BV (called the holding structure) has many tax advantages. In this structure, the natural person holds 100% of the shares in the holding company. The holding company, in turn, holds the shares in the working company.

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